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mono is a family-owned enterprise headquartered in Mettmann, Germany, where it manufactures high-end quality flatware and table accessories. The level of innovation, design quality, and superior manufacturing standards implemented for each and every item, have made mono what it is today – a lifestyle enhancer.

For over 40 years mono has been developing products with designers. For almost the same period of time it has been the recipient of numerous worldwide awards and citations, with numerous mono items in the permanent collections of renowned museums: IF Hannover, Philadelphia Museum of Art, Metropolitan Museum of Art, Museum of Modern Art in New York, and many others. Daring design coupled with consummate craftsmanship are the prerequisites for what  becomes a classic.

For further details about the company and to view the current catalogue of products, please log on to www.mono.com


KAHLA/Thüringen Porzellan GmbH (KAHLA)

Since 1844, KAHLA Porcelain has been one of the most innovative porcelain manufacturers in Europe with more than 50 international design awards demonstrating quality and design excellence as well as product innovation. KAHLA’s factory has achieved the highest available quality certification, ISO 9001 2000 Quality Management Standards, which is recognized and respected throughout the world. The combination of modern design and individual distinction which embraces both form and function - that is the hallmark of KAHLA’s brand.

KAHLA presents an attractive collection interpreting trend topics and the consumer’s desire for sensuous changes at the table and in your home - in an ideal combination for a gift.

For more details about the company and the current range of products please go to www.kahlaporzellan.com

Cerutti Inox

Cerutti Inox

Cerutti Inox was formed in 1961 by Serafino Cerutti and is run today by the successive generation of family members. Cerutti Inox utilises the most avant-garde technologies and equipment of a full-scale industrial cycle to produce metal products of various functions, from household decorative and personal items to hotel and catering equipment.

The Company’s headquarters are situated in Crusinallo, Omegna, half way between Lakes Orta and Maggiore, whilst the administrative and operative centre is in Cuzzago di Premosello Chiovenda, a few kilometres from the Swiss border, in the Valley Grande National Park, in an area of over 12000 square metres. In 2004, Cerutti Inox gained Environmental and Quality Certification. Recently the Company has benefited from the precious collaboration of two talented professional designers - Liana Cavallaro and Itamar Harari, who have brought a wave of style and originality to the new line of products.

For further details about Cerutti Inox and its products, please log on to their website www.ceruttinox.com

Vetri delle Venezie

Vetri delle Venezie

Vetri delle Venezie is part of the Finvetro Group, a holding company made up of 7 highly specialised divisions in 5 areas of business: tableware, technical glass, automotive, moulds and refractory. The history of the Group goes back to 1905 with the production of items for the pharmaceutical, perfumery and illumination industries, later diversifying into the other fields. Currently the Group boasts a workforce of 700 employees and owns factories in Italy and abroad. The headquarters is in Verona.

Carrying out an ambitious and demanding project, combining technology, quality and creativity, Vetri delle Venezie presents two brands, Ego and Alter, different in concept and distribution, but joined by the same passion for glass.

Contemporary and carefully studied design, fruit of a purposefully ironic and vivacious creativity. With Ego the imagination runs wild with the material, improvising eclectic yet functional glass shapes. Cosmopolitan contaminations, unusual and audacious combinations. Exclusive and versatile objects that become the ideal inspiration for introducing unusual themes and invent new styles in the home.

A classic, sophisticated design. Alter gives life to unique and perfect creations, shapes and lines originating from a long experience and an infinite passion for glass. Solidity, brilliance and luminosity are the characteristics of the product that are magnified by the countless creative possibilities.

To find out more about the products, please go to www.ego-alter.com

Irina Leoene

Irina Leonene

Irina Leonene was born in Moscow, Russia. She grew up observing beautiful pieces of jewellery worn by her family members, friends and generally stylish women in Moscow and Europe. She began her jewellery career by designing jewellery for her friends. Recognised for her innovative designs, Irina exhibited her jewellery throughout Moscow.

After moving to Sydney, Australia in 1991, Irina continued to design the pieces of jewellery using South Sea, Tahitian pearls and semi-precious stones for herself, family members and friends.

Recently Irina has started Birthstone Collection marrying floating fabrics and leather with South Sea, Tahitian and freshwater pearls, Murano glass beads from Venice (Italy) and rough cut semi precious stones, for each month of the year.

This collection has been a great success giving people an opportunity to buy the present for the loved ones starting with a unique piece and extending it to the full set later. Irina keeps updating and changing her collection regularly using contemporary and classical designs.

Mingk Jewellery

Mingk jewellery

Mingk is representing a number of exclusive and successful fashion jewellery designers from Europe, including Clair de femme, De Farro by Janette Zamboni, Rosanna Mazzoli by Matteo Mazzoni, LunaBianca, Sandrine Giraud, So Yang by Claudia Cardinal and others.

Each collection is distinctive, completely innovative and truly stunning. All the pieces are exceptional, one of a kind items that create their own special magic.

Mingk jewellery is carefully hand picked to enhance your individuality and bring that unique sparkle to your life.


Les Laboratoires Dermatologiques GAMARDE

Les Laboratoires Dermatologiques GAMARDE of France is an environmentally and socially responsible skin care company offering a complete and effective range of certified organic facial and body skin care.

GamARde is a true organic skin care line and a proud bearer of ECOCERT's "COSMEBIO" label. The "BIO" label is the highest level of ECOCERT certification given to organic cosmetic companies.

The "COSMEBIO" label signifies the commitment to respect the following principals:

  • 95% + Organic Ingredients
  • Ecological Production and Environmental Protection
  • Verification of complete traceability of raw materials
  • Skin care made WITHOUT chemical preservatives, colouring agents, GMOs, Parabens, Polyethylene Glycol (PEG), Phenoxyethanol
  • Not Tested on animals

Remember, nature does not need chemical product to be beautiful, nor do you!

For further details about GamARde and its products, please log on to their website www.gamarde.com



Jenador is an Australian gem opal artisan who has created a unique technique for embedding the opal design in the etched black glass. Having spent her childhood in the intractable opal fields of Australia, Jenador learned to mine opals and became involved in the rare art of gem opal pictures.This technique involves a refined process of creating an outline of an image by affixing gem opals onto a solid black glass background. After much complicated experimentation over the past 30 years, Jenador has perfected the formula, meticulously selecting each gem for its brilliance and stunning lustre.

The largest known works of this type, Jenador depicts a variety of subject matter. She has participated in numerous exhibitions in Australia and abroad. She now works on her masterpieces from a studio in Bendigo, VIC, through carefully selecting Australian gem opals for their brilliance and colour and then setting them to best advantage to highlight their truly wonderful features in the finished artwork.To have a better understanding of Jenador Gem Opal Art, you can access a short video on http://www.gemopalart.com/DVD.htm